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Welcome to the home of Promat Envision the most successful video identification process in the world.

Time, money, overworked officers, stressed out witnesses, nervous victim, volunteers that don’t show up….

In 1997, we produced the PROMAT live video identification parade system to revolutionise the way the police service did traditional line-up parades - currently we believe to be the best and most cost effective system in operation anywhere in the world today. We currently produce over 60,000 identification parades per year.

The traditional criminal ID parade could sometimes take weeks or even months to take place by which time even the memory or recall of the witness becomes affected.
With the PROMAT Video Identification System, the police force and military organisations can now offer a quick efficient service with “live” Video ID Parades conveniently taking place soon after an incident occurs and while the image is still fresh in the witness’s memory.
The state of the art PROMAT ID System is an advanced “live” video profile matching system that can hold a very large and diverse database and compare suspect details with like images to produce a “live” video ID parade in a matter of minutes.

We are looking for pilot systems in your country right now. Click here to enquire about making your force a pilot for our PROMAT video identification process.

Video Identification in the UK has moved from the traditional line-up parade and now makes extensive use of video technology. This speeds up the process dramatically and makes it easier on the witness who no longer needs to confront the suspect in the flesh, so to speak, but instead view the parade digitally.

We are fully compliant on the data protection act and the codes of practice used by the UK police forces regarding the suspect's right to privacy.
We maintain the national video identification database with meticulous attention to detail paid to the database contents and image refresh rate.

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Time and money, overworked officers, stressed out witnesses, nervous victims, volunteers that don't show up

The traditional criminal ID parade system can take weeks or even months to happen. Learn about Video ID efficiency savings.

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